Daylight Insurance Brokerage has rebranded to Springbok Insurance!

April 5, 2021

Daylight Insurance Brokerage has recently incorporated and is now known as Springbok Insurance Services, Inc (dba Springbok Insurance).

Why “Springbok,” what does this mean exactly?

Well, a Springbok is the National animal of South Africa, the place where I was raised until the age of 20, before arriving in America. Springboks are simply awesome, resilient animals, and can leap or pronk, up to thirteen feet in the air, land, and immediately leap again.

Unfortunately, life is not easy for the Springbok on the African Savanna, many animals, including humans, love to eat Springbok.

Their hides, which are beautiful, are used for rugs, shoes and clothing.

Most importantly, “Springboks” or “Bokke” for short, is also the name given to the South African National Rugby Team who only last year, won the Rugby World Cup against England in the final played in Japan, which given South Africa’s ongoing rough transition from Apartheid, this mixed-race team brought a much needed show of excellence, hope and joy across the country.

With this inflection in mind, Springbok Insurance looks forward to serving you and the community at large for years to come.

Please feel free to leave any thoughts, comments and questions for our staff to take note of.

Sean Myers
(Agency Principal)